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The Coronavirus Pandemic has presented those on the College campus who follow Jesus with unique challenges. How do we navigate our colleges transitioning to online instruction? How do we stay connected to community when fighting the spread of COVID-19 can also contribute to feelings of isolation? How do we push against the feelings of panic and anxiety so present in our 24/7-always-on-media environment? And, how do we love others well in these days? Below are some resources and ideas for you to use and share:

How Do We Make Sense of the Coronavirus? : Audio Recording/Article by Pastor John Piper

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - How to Deal with the Anxiety : This is a great article you can share with friends and family from Consider sending a text like, "I'll be honest-I've felt a little anxious when I think about this Coronavirus thing. This article helped me though. I'd love to get your thoughts on it. Let me know what you think, and if it helps!"

Peace of Mind in an Unstable World: Another great article from If you find this helpful, you might post it on a social media feed that you often use.

Refuge Psalms: The Psalms have a ton to say about God as our refuge. Below is a complete list of the verses which use various words/metaphors used to present God to us as our stronghold/refuge/rock. A great place to dwell these days.

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All quiet in the noisy city? : Emotional Health And Life Amidst COVID-19 

Infograph on Best Health Practices from the CDC 

8 Strategies for getting the most out of an Online Class: A helpful article on how to navigate suddenly becoming an online student

“This [COVID-19] is a defining moment of discipleship.”  : A great article for how followers of Jesus should walk in the midst of COVID-19

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