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Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

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There are two things we’re about: Jesus and community.


Let’s start with community. Being alone sucks. Sometimes even worse though, is being around a whole lot of people (like in college) and still being alone. That’s why in Cru we strive to be a real community. We don’t want to fake it. We want to get into each other’s lives, and really know, challenge, and help each other as friends.

Secondly, we love Jesus. Plain and simple. We think he’s the greatest person to ever walk the earth, and that being in a relationship with him is what life’s all about. 


In fact, we want everyone else on Eastern’s campus to have a deep and genuine relationship with him too. That’s the main reason we’re around, to connect people to him. Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. 


Check out our weekly meeting on Thursday nights at 8 pm. Get involved in a Community Group, and grow in your faith with close friends. Or, come to one of our many social events that happen regularly throughout the semester.



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Here are three easy ways to get involved in Cru:


1) Go to Fall Retreat

Fall Retreat is a weekend getaway at High Point Camp from September 25-27. It's a great time to get off campus, hang out with friends, and learn about God. Go to the Fall Retreat page and register now!


2) Join a Small Group

Small groups meet regularly to grow in their faith  and in community by studying the Bible together. They meet on Monday and Tuesday nights. Go to the About You page and let us know your interest in joining a Small Group!

3) Consider Discipleship

Discipleship is a one-on-one or two-on-one relationship  with an older student or staff member where you will learn how to walk by faith, communicate your faith, and multiply your faith. Contact leeann.herring@cru.org for more info!

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