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Local  Church  Info

Cru loves and depends on  partnership with the local church. We encourage all of our students to connect with a local church. Below are some of the churches we  recommend  checking out and getting plugged into.

Brandywine  Grace

Sunday Service: 9am & 11am
40 W Pennsylvania Ave. Downingtown, PA 

Christ  Church

West  Chester

Sunday Service: 10am
200 S Church St. West Chester, PA

Iron  Works  Church

Sunday Service: 10:30am
312 W Union St. West Chester, PA

Meadowcroft  Church

Sunday Service: 10:30am
1255 S Westtown Rd. West Chester, PA

Project  938

Sunday Service: 10am
500 Ellis Lane, West Chester, PA

Providence   Church Coatesville

Sunday Service: 6pm

570 Olive St, Coatesville, PA

Providence  Church

Sunday Service: 9am & 11am
1314 Burke Rd. West Chester PA
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