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Meet Morgan!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Meet our Cru Member of the Week, Morgan Thomas! She's a Sophomore Marketing Major with aspirations of a career in Event Planning. In the future, she hopes to have a family and move away from the cold, but not too far away, because she wants to stay close to her best friend/twin sister, Lauren! Something you may not know about Morgan is that at only 3 years old, her and her twin sister used to take turns starring on the TV Show "Ed"...kind of like Mary Kate and Ashley!

How did you first find Cru and what was your experience like?

"I heard about it from my friends at Church back home. They went to Cru, so I kind of knew about it. My first couple weeks of the semester were really hard. I found friends in my hall but they weren’t really my friends. I didn’t know who they were and I don’t know who I was. I was kind of running away from God at that point, so I didn’t want to go to Cru. But, in the second week of my first semester, I went, and everyone was so welcoming. I mean, everyone probably says that, but it’s so true. Everyone wanted to make sure I was getting connected somewhere. I filled out an "About You Card” and then Claudia [a Cru student leader] texted me and told me to come to her Community Group. I don’t know why I went, because I don’t go to things if I don't know what they are, but I just went. It was the coolest, because it was all these girls that were Freshman, who didn't know each other, and I felt like I could be myself. I felt like we were really close friends right away! The girls that I met at my dorm were not like this at all and did not care to know anything about me. So, I just knew I needed this in my life!"

How are you involved with Cru outside of our Wednesday Night Weekly meeting?

"I go to a Sophomore girls Community Group on Monday nights, [Lead by Cru student leaders, Maddie and Annika]. I lead a Community Group with Jenna [Cru staff member], for Freshman girls and I am also leading the Weekly Meeting Team."

What is your favorite way that you're invested in Cru?

"I just like when I get to meet up with people at Cru one-on-one. I like to have personal connections. I like to go to parties, sure, but I cannot do awkward small talk. Even if I just meet someone, I say “Let’s go get coffee!”. I really want to be intentional with a lot of people, and that’s where I think I can have spiritual conversations with people. Even with my Freshman girls; I like getting to meet up with them to walk with them and encourage them in their faith. It's really cool to me that we can have that experience through Cru. We are all in different sports, majors, and clubs, but have the same foundation in Christ."

What attracted you to come back to Cru after coming your first time?

"Definitely the people and the worship music. In high school, I was hiding my faith a lot. I was 'kind of' a Christian, but I didn’t want people to know it. But [at Cru] we are literally so loud in Main Hall; worshiping and singing. I used to be weirded out by it, but now it's something that I want to do. It’s not about other people, it’s about me and God and worshiping Him because He deserves to be worshiped. He’s our Lord and Savior.”

Is there a time/moment in your involvement with Cru that has been super significant or impacting for you?

"Fall Retreat [Freshman Year] was definitely very life changing for me. I decided at that moment that I was going to continue to pursue my faith. It was kind of crazy, because when I came to college I was running away from God. I came to West Chester University because it wasn’t a Christian school, and then I ran right into Cru. And now, I’m pursuing my faith more than ever before, which i think is absolutely incredible. Also, discipleship with Claudia has been super impacting, because I never really had someone in my life that I could talk about anything too. In high school, I had a really close best friend, but it turned out that we weren’t as close as I had thought, so I had a really hard time trusting others and trusting God, which is why I was running away from Him. So when she [Claudia] was actively pursuing me, and decided that she wanted to disciple me, it was so cool to have someone I could always go to. We are both just doing life together and meet up regularly. It’s the accountability that I never had before and that’s been really impactful in my college pursuit of faith.”

How has Cru specifically helped you grow your faith?

"Definitely with leadership in particular. I’ve never really felt equipped, and I know I never will, because I don’t know everything, and no one really knows everything, because only God does. So, deciding to be a Community group leader was scary because I didn't know what I was doing, and I really felt like I wasn’t going to be good enough. I hadn’t really considered myself a leader, so I really had to lean into God and trust that He was going to equip and strengthen me. It’s still challenging, but I think it's been really influential in my faith journey. God is in control and He is going to give me the strength and leadership abilities.”

From now, compared to High School, how do you think you are a different person?

"I am pursuing my faith like in way that I wasn't in high school. In high school, I was shy and I didn’t let anyone who see who I was because I was ashamed and not confident in myself. After giving it all to God in Freshman year, those kind of things didn’t seem to matter anymore. Now, I’m just trying to live for God, and that’s different from how I was in high school. I’m leaning into Him [God] more, reading the Word, and actively pursuing my faith.”

What do you think your life would be like in college if you hadn’t gotten involved with Cru?

"I think I would probably still be trying to please other people, which is kind of what it was like the first two weeks [of college] before I found Cru. I just wanted to fit in with everyone, because I didn’t know who I fit in with. I went to parties and did things I didn’t really believe in because I just really wanted that community that I later found in Cru. I just wanted to fit in somewhere. So, I don’t know where I would be without Cru, I think I would still be trying to find my place and trying to find God in all the wrong places and trying to fill that hole with other things. Wow, I really don’t want to think about that."

What makes you most passionate about Cru?

"Having a relationship with God and having the Holy spirit in me is the greatest gift, and I want everyone to have that. Being a part of the Weekly Meeting Team is my way of reaching people that don’t know God and showing them what He can do for them and what He can set them free from."

What would you say to someone that is unsure if they want to be involved with Cru?

"It can be scary to come if you don’t know anyone in Cru, but just come! We want to know you, even if we have never seen you before. We want everyone to know God. It's like a family; we are all God’s children and I think that’s evident at our Weekly Meeting on Wednesday nights. This is a place where you can find that community you are searching for."

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